May Touchstones Sermon

Our Touchstone sermon on May 22 is on Courage and Carla Dvoracek has agreed to provide the sermon. She has requested that members of the congregation write up an event(s) when they needed and used courage in their personal life.

Examples are how did/do you find courage…

  • to tell someone news that was difficult?
  • to make a tough decision that didn’t seem fair to you either way?
  • to ask someone else to change?
  • to make your own change?
  • to accept health issues and aging (your own or another’s)
  • to write an editorial or speak up on a sensitive topic?
  • to admit you were wrong?
  • to admit that you need help and/or to accept help?
  • to ask for forgiveness or offer forgiveness?
  • to be vulnerable and completely honest with another person or with a group?
  • to openly cry and grieve?

If you are called to share a time of personal courage,
Carla would love to hear from you.
Please let her know by May 1 at or 208-755-0189